Bed For Dogs With Separation Anxiety

A surprising number of dogs suffer from separation anxiety when they are away from their owners. And no matter how much most owners love their pets, its practically impossible to never leave your pet alone!

When such dogs are left alone, they often get very nervous and anxious. We recently discovered that there are some beds that are particularly good for dogs with separation anxiety. One such bed can be made to smell like their humans, so the dog feels much calmer.  It is kind of a half pillow, half blanket, where you can put in an old pillow that you have used so it smells like you.


dog bed

By the way, a high-tech dog product that can really help if your pet suffers from separation anxiety is a pet camera. These devices are catching on rapidly, and can help you communicate via audio/video with your pet when you cannot be near them.  One feature-rich one is the Petchatz camera.

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